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Pain and dangers of eyebrow waxing

wax and tint eyebrows

The aim of eyebrow waxing is to define the shape of the natural brow and bring expression to the face. The treatment is inexpensive and only takes around 15 minutes. This must be good! Right? Well, a friend of mine would have to disagree, as she was left permanently scarred from a negligent beautician. If you have ever been injured while having your eyebrows waxed, or want to hear about my friend’s story, then please read on and ENJOY!

eyebrow waxing pain can be very minimal

The Benefits -or lack of

-Now I have tried to think of the benefits of having your eyebrows waxed, and as you will see, I can’t think of many. So here it goes-
…I’ve already mentioned two of them;

1. It is very cost effective so you can save on the $$’s
2. The treatment only takes 15 minutes, so also time efficient
Finally 3. It shapes your eyebrows. (Little obvious, I know).

Now for a Bit of Reality (The truth about eyebrow waxing)

– First and foremost, the pain! If like me, you have never had your eyebrows waxed, we can only look on in horror as those poor brave people go through great pain to look good! (Or do they? hmm) We can only imagine how it must feel when their hair is behind ripped from their skin. (Its making my eyes water just thinking about it!)

– What about the swollen red eyebrows and the irritation? This must be embarrassing for all those who have to walk out of the beauty salon and go all the way home with those eyebrows!

– What is the shape is all wrong? Have these people ever wondered about the possibilities that the beautician takes too much hair off then you would look like you have no eyebrows! (Not good!)

Now for the real dangers of eyebrow waxing

– A harsh allergic reaction can be caused by the wax used by the beautician, so they must make sure that they give you a skin patch test at least 24 hours before they use it correctly to wax your eyebrows.

– If the beautician is not properly focused, they could overheat the wax before they put it on your eyebrow and that can cause severe burns to your brow and eyelids!

– If the beautician is not properly qualified to perform this treatment, then many things can go wrong, and you could end up getting injured, so you must always make sure they know what they are doing (Before you let them at your eyebrows!)

– If the beautician is negligent and do not pull the skin around your eyebrow tight enough then tears will occur, and your eyebrows will bleed!

– (My personal fear) if the beautician has not told you to keep your eyes shut for the duration of the waxing, hot wax could easily get into your eye!

So please be careful when it comes to getting your eyebrows waxed, and make sure your beautician has done this procedure many times before, therefore knows what to and what not to do!

My best friend was supposed to be going to her nephew’s christening earlier this year so wanted her eyebrows to look perfect!…However, perfection is not what she got. The beautician she went to was not a trained professional. She worked in a shopping complex and was offering the serive for £8. My friend thought this would be a great idea as she did not know of the dangers that could occur.

After 5 minutes she said she felt a great pain in her eyelid and an immediate burning sensation. She jumped up and screamed!

…The woman had ripped her eyelid and tried to carry on with her eyebrows and poured hot wax into the open wound on her eye lid!! She was rushed straight to A&E where they had to bath her eye in an antibacterial solution and give her four stitches in her eyelid!

Her eyelids swelled up too much that she was unable to see out of her left eye, and therefore could not attend the christening of her newborn nephew.

For all the agony and trouble she had to go through she was more than able to receive compensation for her ordeal! She contacted her local Solicitors who have professional beauty treatment lawyers who got her compensation for brow waxing injuries. They deal with a lot of injuries such as this, so was able to show her a case study that formulated her with what they were capable of claiming for her brow waxing burn.


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