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Eyebrow waxing benefits and how its done

brow waxing

Every person whether young or old, low or high maintenance, should have their eyebrows shaped to complement their face. It is just a simple procedure yet it brings a significant change to your look and it does so much to improve your appearance compared to other beauty products which makes it well worth the effort.


Eyebrows waxing is a hair removal technique on the eyebrows while maintaining or creating the desired shape. It is performed by a skin and hair care professional. Eyebrow waxing usually last between two-eight weeks depending on your rate of hair growth. It is best for people who have never tweezed before or those with large eyebrows but anyone can have their eyebrows waxed. Most beauty therapists begin with waxing the crowded areas then use tweezers to pluck out the small hairs and do touch ups.

Here are eyebrow waxing benefits.

· Skin cleaning

Before the hair begins to be plucked off, the skin all around the eyebrows should be cleaned to wipe away the makeup, dirt and grime. To do this, cotton pad and cleanser are used then oil is applied over the area to act as protection before applying the hot wax.

· Trimming

If the eyebrows are too long, they are trimmed. However, this does not make them any less full.

· Application of the wax

Instead of using typical wax, you should use hard wax which is great for sensitive skin, it hardens on the skin and can easily get pulled off. A good thing about hard wax is that it reduces redness and it does not pull off the skin.

Let your waxer know the shape you would like to achieve. The wax is applied on the top, in between and on the bottom of your eyebrows then pulled off.

This process is repeated until the desired shape is attained

· Tweezing

This helps to remove the small hairs that are not removed during the waxing process.

· Aftercare

After the waxing the skin should be cleansed again to close the pores to prevent any dirt and makeup from penetrating.

· Covering Redness

Soothing cream is then applied on the skin to cover the redness. It is recommended that you wait for a few hours before applying regular makeup as it can penetrate in the skin and cause breakouts.

Benefits of the technique are below

· Accuracy

One of the major benefits of over other eyebrows hair removal technique is its ability to shape the eyebrows with a stunning precision. Multiple hairs can be removed at the same time forming the desired shape.

· Saves time

Tweezing the hair takes forever but waxing solve this problem as it can remove multiple hair at the same time. The waxer simply applies wax on the hair that needs to be removed, waits to dry then pulls it off. This process is repeated until the desired shape is attained. Waxing takes anywhere between 10-20 minutes to complete.

· It is long Lasting

I is long lasting. The hair on the waxed area does not grow back for 2-8 weeks depending on your rate of hair growth.

· Gives you a more youthful look

Eyebrows that have been shaped opens up the eye area which in turn allows more room for eye shadow and gives you a more youthful appearance. However, you should keep in mind that extremely arched eyebrows have an opposite effect and they look severe. Avoid 45 angles as they age the appearance of the face.

· Balances Facial Features

Properly waxed eyebrows bring proportion and balance to the entire face. The facial features can be accentuated or softened by simply shaping the eyebrows. Generally, large features look better with fuller eyebrows while thin eyebrows help to balance smaller facial features

· Frames the Eyes

Perfectly waxed eyebrows frames the eyes drawing attention to them.

It is best go to a trained and professional esthetician to have your eyebrows waxed. Describe what you would like using photos but you should keep in mind that the outcome highly depends on your eyebrow hair. Also, you can easily maintain your eyebrows at home by tweezing after they have been professionally waxed. Before you can wax at home, have several professional waxings done until you are fully familiar and comfortable with the process.

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