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Eyebrow Waxing

To enhance the facial beauty there are many ways and techniques which have been devised by the beauticians these days. Each and every area of the face is targeted with complete preciseness in order to make the face look even more beautiful. One of the basic components of one’s face is the eyebrow. There have been invented many kinds of techniques in order to give a different and beautiful shape to one’s eyebrows. Usually, people go for a very old and typical method of shaping the eyebrows that is plucking which is both very hurting and unhygienic.

eyebrow waxing

With advancement in scientific research in every field beauticians have come up with a new and extremely effective method of shaping eyebrows that is the method of “Eyebrow Waxing”. In this method a specially manufactured wax is applied on the eyebrows and this wax is applied in such a professional way that it gives a very different and enhanced look to the eyebrows. The aim of this is to define the shape of the natural brow and bring expression to the face. The treatment is inexpensive and only takes around 15 minutes.

Read about how waxing is done and it’s benefits.

How To Wax Your Eyebrow.

These are the general supplies an individual will need:

-Lush brush


-small pair of scissors

-cotton swab


– petroleum jelly, baby oil, or any wax remover.

-Botanically Based Oil

-Heating method

Wax preparation.

Here are some waxing tips

It is recommended to use a cream wax that is heated up in a wax pot. Cream wax is the mildest type of wax-it will work well with sensitive and delicate skin. Heated wax is more effective because it sticks onto the hair better than pre-made cold wax strip patches, and yields a smoother skin.During the process of heating wax, gloves and towel would be of great help.
N.B- Make sure that you have at least a 1/4″ long brow currently, otherwise you may remove all of your eyebrows.

1. Tie your hair to prevent wax from sticking onto it. You need to see your brows clearly, too.

2. Brush your brows directly upwards using a fine-toothed common comb or a small toothbrush. If there are any longer hairs that overlap with your natural shape on top of your brows, trim them down using a small pair of scissors.

3. Clean the eyebrow surface area. Apply pre-wax cleanser on eyebrows and around the skin, and then apply a light amount of powder using a cotton swab.

4. A wax equally in the direction of hair growth using the applicator stick to shape your eyebrow. Only apply enough wax to cover the eyebrow hair surface where you want the hair removed. Do not apply too much wax so that it oozes onto hair that you do not want to remove.

5. Apply the wax equally in the direction of hair growth, leaving a tab at the end of the strip. Press on it and firmly smooth your hand across the strip a couple of times into the direction of hair growth, to assure that the wax is sticking into the hair and to check if the wax has slightly cooled down.

6. Hold on to the tab end of the strip that is not attached to hair. Press on the skin at the end of the brow with one hand, and abruptly pull the strip in the reverse direction of hair growth. Never pull up, which might your natural tendency. Afterward, push the hand downward onto the skin to help ease some of the pain. This strip can be used again to stick to and remove any remaining hair.

7. Continue on your other brow, the midsection, and on top of your brows. Then use tweezers to remove any stray hair on top that is outside the natural shape of your eyebrow.

8. After the procedure, you can clean the remaining wax off your skin using petroleum jelly, baby oil, or any wax remover.

9. Apply a lotion or gel that is water based to soothe the skin after waxing.

Now that you know how to do this, there are some downside to be aware of. Here is a testimonial for eyebrow waxing

With little practice, you can achieve a best shape in this technique. Beauticians have discovered that this technique is a very effective way in which to shape a person’s eyebrows. You can even purchase an brow waxing kit so that you will be able to do this yourself. Either way, specially manufactured wax is applied to your eyebrows so that you get the look that you desire.

Here is some more information on how it is done. Benefits of the threading technique.

Benefits .
1. It is very cost effective
2. Time saving -The treatment only takes 15 minutes, so also time efficient3 Comfort-The difference of waxing in comparison to other forms of hair removal such as shaving and the use of hair removal creams is that it leaves the skin feeling smoother and softer once the waxing is finished.

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Check out this video of someone waxing their brows