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The eyebrow shaping guide

eyebrow shaping before and after

Eyebrow shaping is a professional grooming which involves trimming and plucking of the eyebrow hairs so as to achieve the desired shape. Even tough shaping the eyebrows is suitable for both men and women; it is more common practice for ladies.
Discovering the best eyebrow shape without sacrificing its natural appearance is an essential thing to do. Therefore, it is very vital to follow the eyebrow shaping guide highlighted:


Here are the 10 things to consider when shaping your eyebrows.
1. Make a plan of action
The initial step in the eyebrow shaping guide is to decide on the eyebrow shape required. What matters is where you are going to begin and end as well as where to place the peak of the arch. A concealer or white eyeliner is used so as not to stay off the course.

2. Use quality pair of tweezers
Most of the people opt for low-quality tweezers because of its price. As a result, the tweezers will end up breaking or sliding off the hair instead pulling them off. Nevertheless, the tweezers will not be able to grab short hairs. For you to avoid such mishaps, you need to buy a pair of tweezers which costs approximately $20. When you look for the pair of tweezers, it is worth its price.

3. Do trim if it is required
A big mistake which people make is trimming the excess length of hair. When the best trimming is done, the eyebrows will look more neat and groomed. It will also have a defined look for women.

4. Clean the eyebrows before shaping
By cleaning up the stray hairs, it will create both a clean look as well as more defined shape. More0over, it will help your eyebrows to look even with one another.

5. Use powder or pencil for filling(correcting)
If you have sparse brows which are growing in fuller shape, you will get the desired look if you feel them. On the other hand, using the wrong techniques or products will make your eyebrows look painted instead of having a natural appearance. For optimum results, you need to choose a shade which blends with the universal brow pencil.

6. When shaping, never stand very close to the mirror
When you are not close to the mirror, you will be in a position of seeing both the balance as well as the full picture of the eyebrows. Moreover, there are fewer chances of making the hair uneven. After shaping in, you will get a close-up which can enable you to get lighter and finer hairs.

7. Never put a shape which is not flattering to your eyes
You need to keep in mind that when you arch your eyebrows, it doesn’t mean that you will get two perfect arches or half cycles which don’t complement any of the facial features. Therefore, it is a wise idea to put a shape which is appealing.

8. Never use ice for numbing the skin
Cold mainly causes tightening of the pores. As a result, it makes a firm hold on the hair follicle. If you want the hair and the skin to soften, a warm washcloth on the brows is used. Alternatively, you can do the shaping after coming out of the shower. You can also use a numbing spray. The procedure can be done by use of a cotton swab and then to the skin.

9. Never do the shaving
Even tough there are little razors which are specifically used for your eyebrows; it is not recommended to do the shaving by using the blade.

10. Tweeze the eyebrows correctly
The skin taut is first hold gently with your free hand. Consequently, tweeze with your free hand properly. This means that you will experience less pain and tugging on the skin.
If the hair is very short for tweezing, you don’t need to push the tweezers into the skin. This is because a little force on the tweezers might result in bleeding, scrapping or scarring. In fact, it is better to have longer hair than a broken skin. Therefore, you need to wait until the hair has grown a little longer for easy gripping.

The above are very essential eyebrow shaping guide. When you adhere to the tips, you will become well groomed and also achieve the desired look. If you don’t adhere to the eyebrow shaping guide, the hair follicle will be damaged. But, you will achieve a natural appearance when you arch gently.

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