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Eyebrow Shaping

One of the most important things that a woman would like is to discover the shape of their eyebrows without sacrificing their natural appearance in shaping the brows. The use of pencil thin or largely bushy eyebrows is likely to be distracting instead of enhancing the woman look. Women try out different approaches and products in enhancing their look through shaping of the eyebrow. I will be giving you essential tips on eyebrow that will ultimately enhance your appearance.

Men with mustache can completely change how they look when they decided to remove, same goes for women with changing the shape of the eyebrows it influences the appearance of the eyes. Generally, the eye area should give an arch, length and thickness of the eyebrow as it naturally appears.

There are two convention approaches that are used for coming up with a perfect brow; removing the overlay hair to create a perfect shape or just filling in a blond brow or sparse.

Tweezing the Brows

If tweezing is not for you, you can try eyebrow waxing.

It is important that before you tweeze one must be in a position to understand which hair to tweeze and those that you don’t which is the difference between attractively shaped brows and misshapen brows. Here are the important things that you should do to achieve perfect eyebrow.

You can try getting the perfect shape by drawing with a pencil. Try out different shapes until you get the perfect brow for you. In order to tweeze the right hair, use magnifying mirror with a minimum of 5X magnification that can improve the visibility of each hair. Cut each hair at a time, do not be in a rush to tweeze several hairs at once it could be a irreversible mistake. Use the center of the nostril to mark the beginning of the eyebrow. You should obtain the arch shape from the third back of the eye.

The eyebrow should flow along the length of the eye but is should not go beyond the temple area. It is important to note that the front part of the brow should never extend to lower levels of the back part of the brow. Tweezing or drawing with a pencil to allow the brow go beyond the lower back part results to overemphasis of the downward movement of the back part or you are frowning. Over-tweezing the above eyebrow should be avoided at all cost since it could result into unnatural look if too much is removed. Do not overdo the tweezing of the eyebrow to overstate the shape, I prefer minimal brow changes it is the best.

There are those who want to have larger eyes by tweezing the brows to a thin line. This is likely to result into dated look or gets a surprised look of your face and it is not easy to correct such face once damage is done.

eyebrow shaping

The Perfect Tools for Tweezing 

Getting the shape desired means minimal mistakes and greater accuracy. This means you are using the right tools in tweezing the brows. There are tools that I have found perfect for tweezing but personal preferences for you should play out. Not that waxing is another best option but controlling the wax is a challenge. You may end up removing the wrong hair in the process. I strongly advice against shaving, it is a risk that you don’t want to take since it may require that you remove too many hairs at once. In many cases bring out extremely thin or broad uneven brow which is never attractive.

Tweezing and Trimming Eyebrows Shape 

It is important to use brow or lip pencil to come up with a shape that you would want to have before you start tweezing. Adjust the drawing with makeup remover to get the perfect shape out of the heavy drawing. It is now time to tweeze any hair that does not fall within the drawn brow shape. The next step is to use an old toothbrush so as to straight up the brows by brushing. Afterwards, look out for long and floppy hairs for trimming using small scissors. There can be gaps in the eyebrows if the long hairs are tweezed instead of trimming. It can result into a patchy face appearance.

After this exercise, it is important that you fill the brow. There are variety of brow products that can be used such as powder eyes shadows, eyebrow pencils and colored eyebrow gels. You can use a combination of the products for perfect looks.

Here is the eyebrow shaping guide.