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Eyebrow Threading

A few things you need to know about eyebrow threading.

Eyebrows can leave either a good or bad impression about your personality. People notice your eyes and eyebrows when they meet you the first time. Your impression can be entirely changed by turbulent eyebrows. Your eyebrows can either ruin or complement your pleasant and confident personality. This is preferred as the best way to maintain your eyebrows as compared to other ways with good reasons to back this up.

What is eyebrow threading technique? How does it work?

A hair removal technique that originated in India and now popular across the globe.  Threading technique uses a twisted cotton thread in double strand and it gives you a precise hairline. An impressive shape is given to your eyebrows as unnecessary hair is removed and your eyebrows can get the shape of your choice.

eyebrow threading

What makes eyebrow threading it so popular?
– It is a great substitute to methods such as plucking and waxing.

– The results are visible right after the session and you do not have to wait.
– This technique is economical and suitable for sensitive skin that cannot go for laser hair removal technique.
– Threading the eyebrow is not painful and it is less complicated than other techniques.
-The process takes just 30-45 minutes.
– Only cotton thread is used in the process that doesn’t harm your skin.
– Results last for up to 3-4 weeks.
– Redness doesn’t bother you as it goes off after some time.

Another alternative to this technique is eyebrow shaping.

Myths about are that  need to be cleared out are:-

*Myth 1– Hair grows back in a different manner after threading

Hair follicles are removed in the process. It means that hair is removed from the root. Results last for the maximum of 4 weeks. This is usually the times taken by the hair to grow back and reach the surface of your skin.

*Myth 2– Eyebrows do not grow back after plucking.

This technique never affects the growth of your eyebrows. This is another myth which is not to be believed.

A few things you need to consider.

Doing brow threading on your own is like taking too much of a chance with your appearance. It is okay if you are a pro. If not, better leave the job for the experts. If you cannot imagine stepping out without your eyebrows in perfect shape, then you should also know about the important do’s and don’ts for the process.

Choosing technician? Act smartly:

Some people claim to be a pro of the technique and try to lure you by their fast pace approach. Don’t let them fool you because working it up fast does not mean that he is well trained. Some even break the hairs off rather pull them out of the roots cleanly. Contact your best friends or check on the social media and find reviews of the technicians or salons that offer the services.

Fixed and appointment? Don’t tweeze:

When you have fixed an appointment with the expert, you definitely want the perfect shape of your eyebrows. For that, you have to give enough time to your brows to grow. Stay away from any type of tampering with your eyebrows like waxing and plucking for at least 14 days. Let the expert handle your eyebrows when they are well grown. Be assured that the result will be perfect.

Discuss clearly what shape you want to get for your brows. Only when you clearly express what you want, the brow artist will work towards achieving the perfect result.

There will be redness- Don’t panic:

Even though the process is gentle in comparison to waxing, there will be a little redness that you will notice after the process is over. Though cold compress soaked with rose water or gentle massage with Aloe Vera gel are common, a little redness is possible. Moreover, some people have a very sensitive skin and if you are one of them, share it with your artist. You should also let your artist know if you are on acne medication. He or she will take all the necessary actions so that you do not suffer post threading process.

Skip eye makeup:

It is essential to skip any brow product before the threading service. Piling on the eye makeup may produce a poor result.

Know the art of using concealer:

There will be a few appointments with the  artist and you will notice a little growth of hair during this time. Don’t worry! The world will not tag you ugly. Just use the concealer, eyebrow powder or pencil properly to highlight a good shape. Another thing you can try to keep your eyebrows looking great is to do it yourself eyebrow waxing